Thursday, July 16, 2009

Canadian hospitality

Canadian hospitality has been wonderful. Some unplanned home stays have been - Dave and Darlene in Haines Junction, Paul and Jo in Houston and the Feldmann extended family east of Burns Lake (tent site, warm drinks out of the rain and "Tour de France" viewing). All shared a common interest and passion for cycling and it is always rejuvenating to share some time with local folk (and refreshing, being able to have a shower and wash some road and bike grime off clothes).

Warm Showers is an international network of cycle tourers or those who find them curiously fascinating. People offer a hot shower and a place to sleep (in the garden or in the house) to pedalling travellers (Robert and I have both been hosts). We have met three great families this way on our journey between Prince Rupert and Prince George and I hope to visit some more. Not only is it guaranteed that they will be wonderful people, because they all do or have cycled, but they can offer local tips on cycling highlights. Late nights are a high probability with the exchange of stories on and off the bike.

An alternative to RV campgrounds, hostels and wild camping, I'd say visiting local people is by far my favourite and I hope it continues, particularly on the next leg which I'll be doing solo.

We spent a wonderful afternoon and night at the Thompson home in Prince George last night. Alfresco dining in their courtyard with Richard, decorated with patchworked flags from last weekend's wedding. The house is rich with home-crafted artworks, wall-hangings, sculptural furniture, patchworks and paintings which have inspired me to get more creative when I return home. Time I took my sketchbook out of the pannier again!

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  1. Photos are fine...
    Sketches are better
    (not exactly true, but it kind of rhymes!)
    Keep up both please Em :)