Sunday, August 16, 2009

Big camper

John and Pam, Toni's Florida friends, sold their home and have spent 16 months so far, roving around the nation, seeking a new place to live. Their mode of transport is a bit bigger than mine - a mega Fifth Wheel - one of those enormous caravan trailers that lands in the middle of the truck trailer. I've wanted to go inside one since I first saw them in Alaska and here I am, surrounded by polished timber floor, rugs, ceiling fan, dining niche and sitting nook, large double bedroom and decent kitchen... and shower and vanity and toilet! With electric lights, gas cooker, big fridge and underfloor heating their home is fully equipped. It certainly doesn't feel anything like a caravan interior. Must have some Dr Who tardis technology.

The Fifth Wheel is quite a difference in weight to move around- 120kg of me, bike and luggage vs 17000 lbs with 8000lb vehicle (about 12,000kg). Having had some bad weather through Washington, I have to admit I can see some of the appeal of all comforts under a decent roof!

Below is a photo of transport and all gear needed for two cycle tourers to travel for 3 months and the truck and beyond is the more traditional American equivalent.

Here are some other examples of mobile homes:

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  1. Ahh, the land of excess!!

    One day it will become clear that less = a more meaningful life. Which I supose your traveling friends have... they are living in a transportable version of a micro home that would allow everyone on the globe to have one and stay below polution levels that averts runaway climate change.

    Would have to work on passive climate control, natural building materials, biological grey water treatment and a biogas digester for the solids and cooking... oh and get rid of the need to travel, as you are going to be part of a community tending to your food system and the overall happiness which means lots of celebrations and production of art.