Saturday, August 22, 2009

I made it!!! 4600km cycling from Fairbanks to Eugene, tired but ready to celebrate

You might just make out the numbers on my bike computer above - 4500km this morning.

At 5ish, after what seemed like almost a whole day of climbing or headwind (6.5 hours pedalling), from the Oregon Coast, I cruised into town along one of Eugene's waterway cycle paths with a mixture of sadness, relief and pride. I've never cycled so far in one trip before - 4600km (or less impressive sounding 2,760 miles)!!! My body could do that again....after a few day's rest from the last two epic days (153 km and 130km) but a slow train to San Francisco and a long flight home soon after will probably be welcomed by my muscles.

Random tally:
  • Hours in the saddle - 242 hours (based on guestimate of 19 km/h average, which gradually increased)
  • Cohousing visited - 8 in USA and Canada and hopefully another to come in Oakland
  • Punctures - 5
  • Tyres - 1
  • Swiss army knife - 1 - left on roadside at dinner stop in Alaska
  • Lots of wildlife - big and hairy or blubbery and small with feathers or scales
  • Coconut oil chain lube - survived 1200km on one application with 4 days and nights of drizzle and rain
  • Tangoed in San Francisco, Vancouver, Victoria, Portland and perhaps tonight in Eugene
I found a great cafe venue to end my journey in - Cosmic Pizza and Theo's - organic vegetarian pizza, drinks and internet - to recharge my body and my touch with friends and family. I will endeavour to fill in the gaps in my blog over the next few days and weeks and will have a few more to come about my last few days in the US. I have a welcome party of at least three on the 24th at the train platform to be followed by a celebratory breakfast and a ride over the Golden Gate Bridge.


  1. Congratulations Emma! Awesome effort indeed!!

  2. You are an inspiration Emma. Incredible.

  3. Yeehaaa! So glad you made it one piece (never doubted it for a moment). We're looking forward to your safe return Emma. xx

  4. Congrats Emma! You are amazing!!!